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Should Shell Wind Energy’s Bear River Ridge Project Be Stopped?

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or take it at Polldaddy:

Ellen Taylor’s letter to the editor:

A discussion on the Humboldt Herald:

My proposal October 2008 for an offshore wind farm for Humboldt County:


Mad River Biologists Ron LeValley and Sean McAllister Plead Not-Guilty, Feds May Step In

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update apr 5 Roland Raymond turns himself in:


via the Eureka Times-Standard:

“State criminal proceedings against two biologists accused of embezzling almost $1 million from the Yurok Tribe have been temporarily postponed, allowing the U.S. Attorney’s Office time to review and consider taking on the case.

Mad River Biologists’ senior biologist Ron LeValley, 65, and associate biologist Sean McAllister, 45, have pleaded not guilty to charges of embezzlement and conspiracy to commit a crime…..”

background on this case:

Stranger and Stranger – Sac Bee On Del Norte D.A. Jon Alexander

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Jon Alexander, Del Norte County D.A. who filed charges this week against the Mad River Biologists is the subject today of an essay in the Sacramento Bee:

“CRESCENT CITY– On his redemptive journey from meth addict to district attorney, Jon Alexander carried one constant companion: a magnet for trouble.

After a methamphetamine habit nearly destroyed him, Alexander resurrected his career and devoted himself to helping other addicts recover. In 2010, running on a platform of “death to meth,” he surprised many in Del Norte County, a remote corner of northwest California – known for illicit drugs, salmon fishing and the feared Pelican Bay State Prison – by winning election as district attorney.

Alexander has undermined his efforts to reinvent himself with numerous lapses, now resulting in an FBI probe and State Bar of California investigations on top of prior suspensions of his law license.”

Arrest of Mad River Biologists Sean McAllister Raises Questions on Shell Wind Energy Bear River Project

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update mar 15  Mad River Biologists Ron LeValley and Sean McAllister Plead Not-Guilty, Feds May Step In


update: mar 6

Special Announcement

The Pacific Seabird Group (PSG) is a society of professional seabird researchers and managers dedicated to the study and conservation of seabirds. Ron LeValley was the treasurer of the Pacific Seabird Group. Effective February 27, 2012, he has resigned from his duties as the PSG treasurer.”

MAJOR UPDATE MARCH 5:  It appears that Sean McAllister’s mother is the “life partner” of Ron Levalley.

“Charlene [McAllister]  is a Registered Nurse who grew up on the Northern California Coast with a love for the outdoors. Having served on many boards and commissions over the years, she was invited to join the Audubon board in 1999, and she is glad she said yes.
The mother of a biologist/birder she was first introduced to the world of birding by her son, Sean. Sean introduced her to Ron LeValley, who has become her life partner and has opened doors into the natural world and its wonders.”

update mar. 4:  more fallout from blogger HQ :

“HQ believes the arrest of LeValley and others will call into question the scientific credibility of all research projects and other efforts that LeValley and Mad River Biologists have been involved with since 1982. Those projects and agencies include the Northern Spotted Owl, BLM, FS, California State Parks, California Resources Agency, Pacific Flyway, Plover-related beach closures to vehicles and other public uses, and implementation of the Marine Life Protection Act on the Northcoast. ”


A Survey of Birds and Bats at a Proposed Wind Energy Site, Bear River Ridge, Humboldt County, California

Mad River Biologists

Eureka, California

A Survey of Birds and Bats at a Proposed Wind Energy Site on Bear River Ridge, Humboldt County, California


Prepared For: Shell Wind Energy, Inc. Houston, Texas Prepared By: Sean E. McAllister David M. Fix Mad River Biologists 417 Second Street Eureka, California 95501 February 25, 2008

Humboldt Empowerment – Offshore Wind Power for Humboldt County

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Humboldt Empowerment Project 

GOAL:  Electrical energy self sufficiency (independence) for Humboldt County using a renewable source within five years. 

MEANS:  A wind turbine farm placed in a ten mile square at sea twenty miles offshore on floating barge platforms with the electricity collected onshore in one or more stations..  On 500′ centers this will comprise +/- 11,100 turbines. 

ECONOMIC NOTES:  Turbines and barges to be assembled locally in Humboldt County.  This project should result in 500 or more local good paying jobs for welders, assemblers and mariners.  If production starts in one year, we need to produce 10 barges per day to complete the project in 5 years. 

ENGINEERING NOTES:  Barges should be plug and play, towed out to sea for production and towed to port for maintenance.  Barges, power transmission and anchors should be engineered to survive a 10,000 year tsunami.   

ENVIRONMENTAL NOTES:  Possible effect on seabirds.  Possible effect on fish and marine mammals.  Wind power production at this scale may alter global wind patterns.  Possible conflict with marine shipping routes and fishing zones. 

BENEFITS:  Bountiful electric supply for Humboldt produced locally with a small carbon load, a boost to the local economy through cheaper power and good jobs, and a power plant that is very secure against disaster or attack.  Humboldt County will be a world pioneer in wind power energy production. 

Spain’s Iberdrola Gets U.S. Grants for Wind Projects

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Spain’s Iberdrola Gets U.S. Grants for Wind Projects

By Daniel Whitten

Sept. 1 (Bloomberg) — Iberdrola SA, a Spanish company, will get most of the more than $500 million in economic recovery funds the Obama administration said today it is distributing to U.S. renewable-energy projects.

Bilbao, Spain-based Iberdrola will get $236 million for wind farms in Texas, Oregon and Minnesota and an additional $59 million for a Pennsylvania wind project, U.S. officials said.


Levitating in the wind = MagLev Wind Turbines

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Levitating in the wind

Could gigantic maglev wind turbines be the answer to the world’s energy problems? It’s a cool idea, but somehow I doubt it.

Still, that’s what an Arizona-based company called Maglev Wind Turbine Technologies is proposing. It wants to build enormous vertical axis turbines that would use magnetic levitation to reduce friction.