With water reservoirs levels dropping to record lows, the Willits City Council imposed Phase 4 water rationing Wednesday night.

A Phase 4 emergency requires all city households to cut back water to 200 gallons per day or less, and requires a 25 percent cut by all other users. No new water connections will be allowed until the emergency is lifted even those authorized by prior building permit.

Households are required to limit usage to eight units or less (as shown on monthly water bills).

Councilwomen Tami Jorgensen and Karen Oslund voted against the measure. Oslund felt it might be better to move directly to a Phase 5 emergency in November if necessary, rather than keep incrementally changing the requirement.

Without significant rain or a major reduction in city water use, the water emergency is expected to reach Phase 5 the most serious level by the next scheduled council meeting in November. Under Phase 5, households will be restricted to no more than 150 gallons per day (six or less units on the monthly bill); all other users will face a 35 percent reduction.