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New Dust Bowl On the Way?

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I note today feb 20, 2012  from

“A developing storm system over the Plains will work in tandem and get a big boost from its upper level counterpart to help create powerful winds across eastern New Mexico, western Oklahoma and west Texas.

We’re talking winds gusting to 60 mph or even greater; sustained at 35 to 45 mph.

Westerly winds will help to kick up major dust across the region and create widespread areas of reduced visibility of one mile or less. ”

and the storm did hit:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1366&bih=566&wrapid=tlif132978982829110&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ncl=dDS_jrc3nSW5qCMy8g6hczosayMCM&ei=n_tCT5-iIuTe2QW60aiUCA&sa=X&oi=news_result&ct=more-results&resnum=1&ved=0CCoQqgIwAA

and there is this from just last October WaPo:

Biggest dust storm in decades hits Texas

and there’s this from the christian science monitor “Adapting to the new dust bowl”

and this from the ny times:

“1937 Severe Dust Storm in Oklahoma”

“One of the worst dust storms in history today [Feb. 16] blotted eleven counties in Oklahoma. Black clouds of dirt were whipped over the plains by a storm of gale velocity. They covered buildings and persons with a black smudge which served as a somber prophecy to anxious farmers of the dust bowl, which holds more potential disaster this year because of the floods. Experts said the situation in Oklahoma is critical. Texas also suffered the most intense dust storm of the year and expected it would be worse in a few days. Raging from the Panhandle to the south of Dallas, the dust obscured the sun as far south as San Antonio.”


Is the Republican Party Turning Pro-Legalization?

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Lately a few news stories have been popping up about longtime Republican figures who are coming out in favor of legalizing marijuana – ending prohibition.  Most of these folks tend towards the party extremes like the racist xenophobe Tancredo or the homophobe christofascist Pat Robertson. 

But there are also the stories like this one about Gary Johnson, potential GOP presidential candidate for 2012:

Gov. Gary Johnson: I Smoked Marijuana from 2005 to 2008


10:25 AM, Dec 6, 2010 • By JOHN MCCORMACK

“Gary Johnson, the former New Mexico governor and a likely 2012 Republican presidential candidate, hasn’t been shy about his support for marijuana legalization or his personal use of the drug during his younger days. “I never exhaled,” he joked in a recent interview with The New Republic. But in an interview with THE WEEKLY STANDARD, Johnson admitted publicly for the first time that he smoked marijuana more recently—from 2005 to 2008—for medicinal purposes, he says.”

So we have a potential GOP candidate admitting that he smoked pot for three years as recently as two years ago.  This is a sea change.

Perhaps the GOP has awakened from its slumber and realized that while supporting wholeheartedly the “War on Drugs” for the last 40 years or so they have been playing right into the hands of the Democratic Party, among whose stalwart supporters are the public service unions.  Everyone understands now that the “War on Drugs” is essentially a jobs program for police and correctional officers (public service unions all) and since the GOP at the highest  level likens public service unions to a social disease, they have finally spun to the position that the “War on Drugs” is an “expensive failure.”   They have finally realized that the “War on Drugs” is serving to strengthen the Democratic Party and its allies.

What of the rank and file of the GOP?  They have been told for 40 years of the dire consequences of “drugs.”  No problem.  The vast majority of the GOP are sheep (perhaps with the exception of a few Tea Party, libertarians and eccentric “conservatives”) and they will quickly believe anything they are told on the FOX blast.

Now the GOP will never become a “Big Tent” party, because fascism can only be spread so thin, but if they adopt a pro-legalization agenda they will weaken the base of the Democratic Party and probably siphon off enough younger (white) yuppie pot smokers to give the Democratic party demographic fits.

The Democrats on the other hand have a problem.  Though here in California over 60% of the rank and file of the Democratic Party favors legalization the leadership is publicly opposed to it, obviously because they don’t want to piss off the police and correctional unions.  They fear that these unions (and their millions in campaign money) will defect to the GOP should they come out in favor of legalization.  The way things stand now this is a serious concern.  But if the GOP swings to favor legalization then the cops and prison guards will have nowhere to go.  On the other hand, then the Democrats will face rank and file desertions as noted above.

I predict that the Republicans will come out in favor of legalization, and it will be cloaked in the mantle of “personal freedom, ” “fiscal responsibility” and “small government.”

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Pot and the GOP

Is the party of ‘Just Say No’ morphing into the party of ‘Just Say Grow’?


Drought Forecast for Southwest US, Northeast California & Northern Nevada

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The southwest monsoon that typically peaks during August has started weakly. Most tools on the monthly and seasonal time scales indicate a tilt in the odds for below median rainfall. Therefore, persistence or development is forecast for Arizona and New Mexico. A dry climatology favors drought persistence across western Wyoming, northeast California, Nevada, and the leeward sides of the Hawaiian Islands.

First medical marijuana producer in NM approved

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First medical marijuana producer in NM approved

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico has approved its first license for a business to produce medical marijuana, but its name and location are secret.

Rationing gas for state government? (New Mexico)

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Rationing gas for state government? 

(New Mexico)

Rationing gas for state government? 

(New Mexico)

Humane Society says video shows abused livestock

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Humane Society says video shows abused livestock

Wed May 7, 2008 5:36pm EDTBy Christopher Doering

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Humane Society of the United States on Wednesday released new video taken at animal auctions in four states that showed sick and injured cows lying on the ground, and called on the U.S. government to prevent further cases of animal abuse at similar facilities.

The video, taken by the Humane Society during April and May in Maryland, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Texas, showed downed cattle lying on the ground with no human assistance for several hours, and in one case the animal was left outside without food or water during the night.

–To see the video go to:


More from Reuters:

Nader’s Independent Party is on New Mexico Ballot

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Nader’s Independent Party is on New Mexico Ballot

April 25th, 2008

The New Mexico Secretary of State’s office has finished checking the petition of Ralph Nader’s Independent Party. The petition has enough valid signatures. The Secretary of State is still working on verifying the Constitution Party petition.

Nader chose to qualify a new party in New Mexico, rather than qualifying as an independent presidential candidate, because the number of signatures for a new party is only one-sixth as many signatures. By contrast, in 2004, he did the independent presidential petition.