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Occupy Humboldt, Occupy Arcata, Occupy Eureka, Occupy HSU

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Please note that there are two “Occupy” events in Humboldt this Saturday.

There is an ‘Occupy the Banks’ action in Arcata beginning at 11:30am.
Then in Eureka, beginning at 1pm, there will be a March from the F St.Pier to the site of Occupy Eureka (lawn of Humboldt County Courthouse/Jail) for a Speak Out Forum.

Below is a press release from Occupy Humboldt (on HSU campus) and from Occupy Eureka.

Occupy Humboldt Takes it to the Banks
13 Oct. 2011

Arcata, Calif., — In solidarity with the nationwide movement, Occupy Humboldt is planning a day of action for Occupy The Banks on Oct. 15.
The initial idea behind Occupy The Banks is to get the 99 Percent to withdraw their money from large, corporate banking institutions, such as Bank of America which has plans to introduce a new $5 monthly debit card fee. Instead, individuals are encouraged to bank with local institutions and credit unions.

Since corporations are recognized as people by our government, and their money is protected as political speech, the people are raising their “voices” and acting with their money.

“We all have different views, but we all realize that something needs to change with our current banking system,” says Justin Gallant, occupier and HSU student.

Occupy Humboldt does not officially endorse any course of action, but encourages people to use the day to examine how they save and invest their money and the greater implications of those decisions. The hope is that people can act together to create positive alternatives and real economic justice.

The group will meet at 7th and H Streets in Arcata at 11:30 a.m. to create opportunities for reflection and action. Everyone is invited to participate. The regular 7 p.m. General Assembly, open to all, will follow.

While similar actions have also been publicized for Oct. 31, Nov. 3 and Nov. 5, among others, Occupy Humboldt will help celebrate Oct. 15 and each day of Occupy The Banks, as well.

Stay tuned…
Peace & Solidarity
Occupy Humboldt
For news and information, visit http://www.oHYPERLINK”
Impact By Numbers
Awareness Through Free Speech
Control Back Into Our Hands



Saturday, October 15
Meet at the F St. Waterfront Pier in Eureka; March to the Humboldt Courthouse lawn (site of Occupy Eureka) for the Forum

The March will begin at 1pm from the Pier (look for the signs). We will past the banks to the Humboldt County Courthouse/Jail (site of Occupy Eureka) where at 2pm several distinguished community members, including labor union folks, will address the gathered community. At about 4pm, there will an open mic, opportunity for anyone in attendance to speak.


Is Bank of America Finished?

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Is there a run on Bank of America today?  A rush for the exits?

and there’s this from ZeroHedge:

“Look for BAC to drop to under $6 once the market realizes the implications of this putback tsunami which has just hit the inverse mother lode: a lot of very pissed off German banks.”

Homeland Security Black Helicopters Protect Bank of America in Miami [VIDEO]

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“Witnesses were tweeting as the event unfolded.

“Three choppers just dropped a group of men on top of the Bank of America building in Brickell,” tweeted a man identified as Ianik Drouin, about 9:45 p.m.”

“Residents in the neighborhood saw and heard several military-style, “pitch-black” helicopters flying around and hovering on top of Brickell buildings Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

Turns out that it was a training exercize by Miami-Dade police’s SE Regional Domestic Security Task Force. In other words, a Homeland Security operation, that few other authorities apparently knew about, including the U.S. Coast Guard.”

via Miami Herald:


Video: or


and a 2nd video:

3rd video:

update video from local tv 7 – says exercises are all over south florida.

Banksters of America Hits a Judicial Speedbump in Utah Courtroom

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(St. George, UT) June 5, 2010 – A court order issued by Fifth District Court Judge James L. Shumate May 22, 2010 in St. George, Utah has stopped all foreclosure proceedings in the State of Utah by Bank of America Corporation.
The second part of the motion, Barlow filed, claims that neither the lender, nor MERS*, nor Bank of America, nor any other Defendant, has any remaining interest in the mortgage promissory note. The note has been bundled with other notes and sold as mortgage-backed securities or otherwise assigned and split from the Trust Deed. When the note is split from the trust deed, “the note becomes, as a practical matter, unsecured.” Restatement (Third) of Property (Mortgages) § 5.4 cmt. a (1997). A person or entity only holding the trust deed suffers no default because only the note holder is entitled to payment. Basically, “[t]he security is worthless in the hands of anyone except a person who has the right to enforce the obligation; it cannot be foreclosed or otherwise enforced.” Real Estate Finance Law (Fourth) § 5.27 (2002).

Read more: KCSG Television – Judge James L Shumate Orders Halt to Bank of America Foreclosures in Utah

Democratic Underground:×4414910#4414915

China: Overcapacity – Commodity Stockpiling

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Bank failures hit 106 on year

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By Greg Morcroft, MarketWatch

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Seven more banks failed Friday, pushing the 2009 total to 106 and marking the first year since 1992 that at least 100 have gone under

Experts suggest we could be no more than 10% of the way through this cycle of bank collapses, which is sure to be the worst run of closures since the Great Depression.

Matt Taibbi on Wall Street Criminals

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Like all the great merchants of the bubble economy, Bear and Lehman were leveraged to the hilt and vulnerable to collapse. Many of the methods that outsiders used to knock them over were mostly legal: Credit markers were pulled, rumors were spread through the media, and legitimate short-sellers pressured the stock price down. But when Bear and Lehman made their final leap off the cliff of history, both undeniably got a push — especially in the form of a flat-out counterfeiting scheme called naked short-selling.

The new president for whom we all had such high hopes went and hired Michael Froman, a Citigroup executive who accepted a $2.2 million bonus after he joined the White House, to serve on his economic transition team — at the same time the government was giving Citigroup a massive bailout. Then, after promising to curb the influence of lobbyists, Obama hired a former Goldman Sachs lobbyist, Mark Patterson, as chief of staff at the Treasury. He hired another Goldmanite, Gary Gensler, to police the commodities markets. He handed control of the Treasury and Federal Reserve over to Geithner and Bernanke, a pair of stooges who spent their whole careers being bellhops for New York bankers. And on the first anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, when he finally came to Wall Street to promote “serious financial reform,” his plan proved to be so completely absent of balls that the share prices of the major banks soared at the news.