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Bill Holmes, Troubadour, Acoustic/Eclectic – Small Victories Tour – 2013

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Rise Up (And Raise Our Wages) listen on

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mnemonic here:

update Electric Bill, 2014!

Bill Holmes, troubadour, acoustic/eclectic, rock, folk, country, blues, americana, comedy, outlaw country, pop, originals.

Bill Holmes, former singer and songwriter of Two Smooth Stones.

Listen to and or download “Free the Weed”


For Booking:

I am available for bookings from Santa Cruz to Portland on the West Coast.  I am looking for weekend gigs in this area.  I do up to 3 one hour sets of acoustic/eclectic music either full on acoustic or amplified acoustic.  You will need to provide the sound system or I am happy to play full on acoustic in appropriate context.  I have acoustic/electric guitar will travel but I am too old to haul amps and p.a.s around, sorry.

I am looking for a booking agent.  contact me

I am looking for a producer for a cd project towards the end of the year. contact me

I am looking for a rhythm section, drums and bass, prob should be proficient in simple country lines and also able to follow and learn chord progressions.  I do one or two twelve bar blues a night the rest you will have to learn.  I would like to do some honky Tonkin in the area this winter.   contact me

also looking for an accompanist comfortable in full acoustic and amplified acoustic contexts.   Prob a lead guitar but not in stone, could be some other lead instrument.   Some one to do tasteful fills while I am singing and to take an occasional lead part (few times a set).

Next appearances:

update Electric Bill, 2014!

Eureka Fair Wage Café, January 11,  Labor Temple Eureka noon to 5 we will have five music acts.  I will prob be one of them.
E. St. where 9th dead ends into it, its the Carpenters Union Hall.
January 17 Homeless Awareness Day Concert in Old Town Friday Jan. 17 Details TBA
contact Kathy Anderson
Clarke Plaza, 3rd and E, Old Town Eureka, Noon Lunch Bucket concert, weather permitting.  I do this when I can, if I am not too tired.  I do it often I enjoy it.  Bring your lunch.  This will end in general around mid October, but might continue on really good weather days during the winter.
or Eureka Coop 10 am to 1 pm sometimes tabling for the Eureka Fair Wage Act.  When its not raining.
Sat. Dec. 21  Homeless Memorial Day/Winter Solstice/Verbenas Birthday PARC Eureka 1 PM til   Sat. Dec. 21
Monday Dec. 16 Street Show for Robbie – Homeless Died on Sidelwalks of Eureka
Tues Dec 17 Courthouse Rally for Community Forest
Tues dec 17 Josephine Johnsons Open Mic – Siren Song
sat Dec 7 arts alive the Works Eureka
Sat Nov 24 coop
Mon nov 25 coop
Tues Nov 26 Coop
Fri Nov 22 Eureka Coop 10 to 1
Thur Nov 21 Eureka Coop 10 to 1
Sat Nov 16 Eureka Coop 10 to 1
Sat Nov 9 Eureka Coop 10 to 1
Fri Nov 8 Eureka Coop 10 to 1
Thurs Oct 31 Clarke Plaza lunch bucket with several interuptions I may blog about this event in the future.   the weather is getting way sketchy, clouds and fog roll in fast, and these old hands don’t take the cold too well.   Just saying.
Tues Oct 22 Carson Park 6PM  Music and Speak Out Against Police Brutality – non violent free community gathering, food music.
corner of Carson & H st, central Eureka.
Sat Oct 19 Clarke Plaza Lunch bucket
Thurs Oct 17 Food for People W. 14th Eureka
Wed Oct 16, Clarke Plaza lunch bucket
Tues Oct 15, open Siren Song Tavern, 2nd St. Eureka – Josephine Johnsons open mic.  7 pm
Tues Oct 15 Clarke Plaza lunch bucket
Sat Oct 12 Eureka Coop
Sun Oct 13 Clarke Plaza
Mon Oct 14 Clarke Plaza
Sun Oct 6 Lunchbox Clarke Plaza
Sat.  Oct 5, Fair Wage Café, Highland Park  Eureka
Thurs Sept 26 Clarke Plaza Lunchbucket
Tues Sept 24 Lil Red Lion
Thur Sept 19 Clarke Plaza
Wed sept 18 Clarke Plaza lunchbucket
Tues Sept. 17 Lil Red Lion  5th st.  8 pm til 11 pm 3 sets….   5th St next to N & S Liquors
Sat Sept 14,  PARC Fundraiser – In front of Humboldt County Library – 1100 am til 2 pm Bring some cash support community activism!
Thurs 9/12 Clarke Plaza lunchbucket
Wed 9/11 Clarke Plaza lunchbucket
Tues Sept 10 Lil Red Lion
Mon. Sept. 9 Clarke Plaza lunchbucket concert
Sat. Sept 7 (Arts Alive)   Roses Billiards 5th and E Eureka 6 pm til 9 pm  (formerly the Alibi and Aunty Mo’s)
sat sept 7 Clarke plaza lunchbox concert noon
fri Sept 6 Roses Billiards
thur. Sept 5 Clarke Plaza
Wed Sept 4 Clarke Plaza
Tues Sept 3 Lil Red Lion
Sun Sept 1 Clarke Plaza
Fri Aug 30 Lunchbox concert Clarke Plaza 12 noon 330
Wed Aug 28 Lunchbox Concert Clarke Plaza 12 noon- 3 pm
Tues Aug 27, Lil Red Lion on 5th, 8 pm til 11 pm
Tues Aug 13 Lil Red Lion
Sat Aug 24 Fair Wage Café, Labor Temple
Mon Aug 26 Clark Plaza Lunch box
Tues Aug 20 Lil Red Lion
Mon Aug 21 Clark Plaza Lunch Concert
Saturday June 29 Fair Wage Café Labor Temple 800 E. St. Eureka noon – 5:00 pm
Saturday June 29 Little Red Lion 5th St. Eureka 8 PM to 11 PM NO COVER
Tues July 16 Eureka farmers market old town 10 am – 1 pm amplified acoustic
Tues June 18  Lil Red Lion 5th St. Eureka  8 pm – 11 pm no cover
Tues June 25 Lil Red Lion 5th St. Eureka  8 pm – 11 pm no cover

Tues Apr. 23 Lil Red Lion

Tues Apr. 30  Lil Red Lion 5th St. Eureka  8 pm – 11 pm no cover

Sat.  May 4     Speakeasy Bar  Opera Alley Eureka  Arts Alive  6 pm – 9 pm no cover

Tues May 7     Lil Red Lion, Eureka  8 pm – 11 pm

Tues May 14 Lil Red Lion Eureka 8 to 11

Tues May 21  Lil  Red lion 8-11
Tues May 28 Lil Red Lion 8-11
Tues. June 4, Lil Red Lion, Eureka
Friday June 7 Benefit Ink People Annex 7 PM Multiple Music Artist Benefit (incl. Yellabird & Sunshine)
Tues June 11, Lil Red Lion 5th St. Eureka  8 pm – 11 pm no cover
Thurs June 13th Eureka farmers market Henderson Center 10 am – 1 pm amplified acoustic

Bill Holmes – Acoustic /Eclectic Music @ Eureka Old Town Farmers Market – Tomorrow August 31

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Hi Everyone,

I will be playing at the Old Town Farmers Market on F Street in Eureka tomorrow from 10 AM until 1 PM, weather permitting.  Forecast is for a little fog in the morning then clearing so we should be ok.

I will be singing the usual acoustic-eclectic mix of some great songs and some originals from our CD Two Smooth Stones “Solstice Sessions“.  I look forward to seeing you.

Come down and enjoy the music and pick up some organic veggies!

have a peaceful day,

Free the Weed MP3

“Free the Weed” – Two Smooth Stones – Solstice Sessions

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“Free the Weed” – Two Smooth Stones – Solstice Sessions – Liner Notes

You can listen to or download ”Free the Weed”  at our myspace page:

Free the Weed was I think the 2nd original we recorded in the summer of 2008, after Sing A Little Song.  I wrote “Free the Weed” in response to (and protest of)  the federal law enforcement invasion of Humboldt County that summer when over 500 federal agents stormed our hillsides.  For not much, it turns out.

We recorded it and played it out around the county at our gigs and it rapidly became a favorite with our fans and the general public.

Jimmie gives the guitar solo in the middle just a perfect touch – funky but understated and chill.  Bill is on overdubbed bass.  Jimmie has a rhythm part in here too.  We strove throughout the cd to make it sound like you were sitting right in the same room with a couple of live musicians, and with this one we came damned close.

Free the Weed

words and music by William Holmes

copyright 2008 William Holmes

G               D7
Hey hey hey Mr. DEA,

B7                      C
Get yourself a life and go away

All we wanna do

Is smoke some weed.

Hey hey hey Mr. FBI,
Get yourself a clue and go bye-bye
All we wanna do
Is smoke some weed.

 Free the weed
                              Am    Am/G     F
 Let us smoke some pot
 Free the weed
                                 Am     Am/G   F
 It’s the only thing we got
 It’s all we got,
 It’s all we got.
Hey hey hey Mr. DA man
Cut us some slack I know you can
All we wanna do
Is smoke some weed

 Free the weed
 Let us smoke some pot
 Free the weed
 It’s the only thing we got
 It’s all we got,
 It’s all we got.
(Instrumental verse and chorus)
Hey hey hey Mr. DA man
Cut us some slack I know you can
All we wanna do
Is smoke some weed

 Free the weed
 Let us smoke some pot
 Free the weed
 It’s the only thing we got
 It’s all we got,
 It’s all we got.

“Cotton Day” – Two Smooth Stones – Solstice Sessions

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“Cotton Day” – Two Smooth Stones – Solstice Sessions – Liner Notes

You can listen to or download ”Cotton Day”  at our myspace page:

Cotton Day is one of the two political or topical songs on the CD.  It is about a young man, Martin “Fred” Cotton who I befriended soon after I arrived in town with “A” my beautiful girl friend.  He was a nice kid, in his 20’s, homeless.  He was very generous with the little he had.  After “A” left to go back to Reno I continued contact with Martin, I often ran into him out on the boardwalk where he would hang during the day.  Sometimes I would let him play my guitar (one day he broke a string and he was afraid I would go all agro on him LOL) once in a while we would play some chess.

On Aug. 9, 2007 Martin was beaten to death by the Eureka Police Department in front of the Eureka Rescue Mission.  This is his song.  For the story see:

I wanted it to have the flavor of a live protest song like you might hear it on the street so it is mostly just me and my guitar.  I added a simple bass line and Jimmie put in some bongos. 

have a peaceful day,


“Figure It Out” – Two Smooth Stones – Solstice Sessions

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“Figure It Out” – Two Smooth Stones – Solstice Sessions – Liner Notes

You can listen to or download “Figure It Out”  at our myspace page:

We recorded “Figure It Out” in the summer of 2008, it was I think maybe the third original we recorded after “Free the Weed” and “Sing Yourself a Little Song.”  The version on the cd is our second recording of  the song done in November, I think we had to redo it for some reason.  Of course the song is about Mary, Jimmy, and I – and about dreams coming true, and about peace and Buddha.  Figure it out.

Jimmie plays at least two guitar parts on this one – a low register acoustic track I think he recorded with the Martin and then some higher register effects guitar recorded most likely with the Fender strat and that effects pedal he used.  They way we worked was I laid down the basic track and then Jimmie would take a few days to put his own guitar tracks on and I didn’t always know which instruments he used so for this one I am going by the sound. On this one I am playing my Ibanez for the rhythm guitar.  I am playing Jimmie’s Fender precision bass on this (and all tracks on the cd that have bass) and Jimmie is supplying the  percussion also.

This song was Mary and Jimmie’s favorite.  Jimmie’s instrumental lead break  is also being used right at the moment by KGOE radio here in Eureka as background for their hourly weather reports on the half hour.  Not every day but lots of days.

Figure It Out became the third song on the CD.   Trivia:  Most of the song order on the CD was determind by the key that the song was played in, because I don’t like to play songs back to back in the same key.   First song “Ain’t No Way” in D, second song “Wade in the Water” in Em, third song “Figure It Out” is in Gm with a modulation to Bb major for the little bridge.

Chords and lyrics coming soon.

Here are some pics of Mary taken on a happier day in the spring of 2009, you can see Jimmie peeking out from behind the door.

“Wade in the Water” – Two Smooth Stones – Solstice Sessions

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“Wade in the Water” – Two Smooth Stones – Solstice Session Liner Notes

You can listen to or download “Wade in the Water” at our myspace page:

Wade in the Water is kind of an anomaly  for this cd – it is the only song out of 13 that is not an original composition.  It is an arrangement of an old gospel song, one that has been recorded by some of the greats of gospel music.  No way can I sing it like they can but I like to sing it, it is a song you can really wail on if you are a singer, you can really put it out.

The reason it is on the cd is that it is a song that we occasionally played out at gigs,  and our original concept for the cd was a double cd, one with a dozen or so covers and one with a dozen or so originals.  Silly me I ran into issues of performance rights so we had to shitcan the work we had done on covers (all except for Wade in the Water which is public domain) so we saved it from the wrecking ball. 

This arrangement is probably somewhat different from those you have heard in the past, because I am singing it out of memory from 35 years ago and when I started singing it again two years ago I couldn’t find any copy of it anywhere.  So now I know it my way and I can’t change it.  I was in a band playing the club circuit in LA back then playing bass and we had a singer who did this song very well.  I always wanted to sing it and now I am.

You can hear Jimmie’s blues influences quite well all through this track.  He used the Martin on this one.  I was playing my Gretsch (the one in the picture here) for this one, the Gretsch really grinds down on the bass strings like I like it.  Jimmie and I recorded this live with vocal, lead guitar and rhythm guitar and then overdubbed bass (Bill) and another lead guitar I think (Jimmy).  On this cut the autoharp makes its first appearance, played by Bill.  Jimmie adds percussion.  All the bass on the cd btw was Bill on Jimmies old Fender Precision.

I Loved You, Jimmie

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These photos were taken in fall/early winter of 2008 I think, @ Redwood Yogurt in Arcata.  [2nd thoughts maybe spring 2009]  Jimmie and I were there playing for the Open Mic All Stars and these pics were taken by local photog Sarah Schuette working for the OMAS.  It was a fun night.  Jimmie is playing his Guild and I am playing the Ibanez I brought from Reno.

We miss you Jimmie, but we promise you we won’t stop enjoying life.  You were our wonderful angel.

have a peaceful day,