Roland Street Cube EX

Roland has come out with a new battery amp, the Roland Street Cube EX.

The original street cube has only 5 watts of power, its underpowered really to use on the street for vocals and acoustic guitars, ok for electric guitars.

I pretty much slagged Roland for falling behind Crate in this area in my post last fall on Rolling with Amplification- How its done. Well the EX model is purported to be 50 watts with 2 8 in woofers and a couple of tweeters. At any case this will be 10 times the power of the old street cube.

Roland seems to usually state their power in terms of stereo power, so I assume this amp will have 2 x 25 watts.

Still not as powerful as the Crate or my 12 volt systems that I use now.

But I want to hear it. It might sound pretty good, and its another option for the street musician, at $499 its about a hundred more than the Crate. It does run on eight AA batteries, and that’s a plus. The Crate uses a built in battery pack.

here is it at Sweetwater:


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