What’s On Virginia’s Mind?

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Even though Humboldt County faces all the problems that other communities face around the globe – climate change, economic globalization, economic inequality and instability, not enough GOOD jobs, and also specific local problems of a defunct resource extraction economy in transition, Virginia Bass has chosen in her first commercial ad of the campaign to simply attack her opponent as a “slacker.”

Are we to take this as a sign of what is really in the mind of Virginia Bass as she sits up there on the podium deciding the shape of our lives in some significant ways over the next 20 to 40 years?   The most important reason that we should vote for her is because her opponent is a “slacker?”

I can dispose of this stupid argument easily.   Without rancor.   Lets just compare Kerrigan’s achievements at age 33 with Virginia’s achievements at age 33    OK that’s done.

I have lived through these kinds of campaigns once or twice in my life.   In junior and senior high school.  Let’s grow up and discuss some issues.


have a peaceful day,

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Rate Virginia’s Virgin Voter Ad:  http://humboldtpolls.wordpress.com/2014/04/23/rate-the-virginia-bass-virgin-voter-ad/


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