Books Are History

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my thoughts are that the printed book business is in trouble (well pretty much history) and these are the laments of a buggy whip maker in 1920.
I love books but I haven’t read one since 2004.  My last one was a paperback Nero Wolfe novel.  Not a bad way to break my habit.  I used to read tons of books from the time I was six and learned to read.  I read em all.   I used to own a library, over 1,000 hardbacks and a bunch of paperbacks.
The problem is the internet is so much more efficient.  I am a genius for better or worse and I need information the way a fish needs water.   I can get a lot ROI by using the net.  I have the capability of researching as deeply as I wish, even if most other people can’t.   That’s the way its been for 10,000 years.   The internet is just a case of a rising tide lifting all boats.   Some one like you or me has access to by now 99.99 % of the accumulated wisdom of man and womyn kind over 100,000 years.    The average gum chewing Joe or Josephine doesn’t, but he or she does have more general info about the world around them than Galileo did just a few hundred years ago.   I am good with that.
I think that we are experiencing evolution.   Humans born after the internet will be a different species from those of us born before.   A thousand years from now year zero will denote the invention of the net, not the birth of a religious figure.   Things change.
I think what is going on is that a world language is being created.  It is a fusion of alphabetic linear languages like English, French, Hindu and ideographic languages like Chinese and Korean.   Think smiley face, emoticons, and corporate logos.  And its dense.  Its fucking dense language, not much white space is there?
have a peaceful day,
ps  I think we need books.  It is the book “business” that no longer makes sense.

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