Nevada Rancher in Stand Off with Feds, Threatens “Range War”

A Nevada rancher’s threat to wage a “range war” with the Bureau of Land Management precipitated a standoff today between supporters of the embattled rancher, Cliven Bundy, and federal law enforcement officials.

Bundy posted a statement on the Bundy Ranch website on Sunday night saying: “They have my cattle and now they have one of my boys. Range War begins tomorrow.”


By noon today Nevada time, about 300 supporters had assembled, a Bundy spokesman, Dwayne Magoon, told ABC News.’


One Response to “Nevada Rancher in Stand Off with Feds, Threatens “Range War””

  1. Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:
    This is a stalinist War Against The Kulaks (free farmers).

    Free farmers are the last bastion of liberty in any country because after the central government steals all other means of production and controls all the city dwellers, people who can remain free and feed themselves are their last and most bitter enemies.

    This is an essential part of the end game.

    And please beware scum like Alex Jones getting involved. You don’t need his circus or his BS. Just rely on fellow freeborn men and women turning up with their Second Amendment.

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