Seroquel Linked to Military Suicides

The suicide trend among American troops and veterans is repeating itself. But are the reasons behind today’s military suicides different than what happened after the US left Vietnam?

A growing number of soldier advocates, mostly parents of deceased soldiers, have tried to tell the military and Congress what may be behind today’s suicide surge.

Some believe the military and the VA are over medicating troops and veterans with a combination of antidepressants and antipsychotics. This is a drug cocktail that has tragic side effects, such as sudden cardiac arrest, and because the military and Big Pharma are desperate to keep these side effects a secret, a convenient explanation to get both off the hook is “suicide.”

Stan White, a retired assistant principle from West Virginia, has lost two sons to war during the past decade. His eldest son Robert died in combat; his son Andrew made it home, but died suddenly in his sleep. The father remains patriotic, but this doesn’t mean he is blindly devoted to those who ordered his sons to war.

He believes the politicians who sent Robert and Andrew to Afghanistan and Iraq are sold-out to the London-based pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, which has convinced the military to treat post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with the antipsychotic Seroquel. White claims Seroquel, when prescribed with antidepressants, is a dangerous mix that killed his son Andrew and continues to kill American troops and veterans.

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One Response to “Seroquel Linked to Military Suicides”

  1. This is not just happening in the military but all over the country. Big Pharma is dealing its drugs that have suicide as side effects. That is the reason that suicide is becoming a terrible epidemic. It isn’t so much that people are choosing to die but that the very medication that is for depression is the real killer. God help us.

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