Tim & Rae Are In Town!

Hi Everyone,

A couple young musician friends of ours are in town until Friday, and are looking for a nice venue to play a show or two in Eureka or ‘Arcata.  Tim Norton and Rae Irelan, currently of San Diego, originally from Boston, we met last year and they did a show for us at our outdoor Fair Wage Café, and then they went and did Arts Alive (Nov) and really lit up Old Town.  They were down on 2nd street on the corner across from Humboldt Herbals if you were lucky enough to see them.

Would be nice to have some venue like Sirens Song, Speakeasy, or Palm Lounge or such.  I think they are prob open to a pass the hat situation.  If you book them for a show, you will want them back and so will your customers.  I think these young folks are going to be stars.  You can see them now.

Let me know if you want to book them and I will put you directly in touch.  I’m not a booking agent.

Send me email Humboldt.organizer@gmail.com

have a peaceful day,



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