No More Illegal Imperialist Aggression

Tomorrow afternoon, Friday March 21 I will be rolling out to south Broadway (Broadway & Wabash) with my amplifier and guitar.   I have several friends who have been out there every Friday for weeks in struggle for peace and social justice and tomorrow I want to join them and honor their struggle and commitment.  I will play a few songs and wave my sign.  I will have  mic available for anyone who wants to speak or sing a song, not just on the issue of war but other issues in our community.
I should be out there in the grassy area by 4:30 pm or shortly after.  Prob last until 6 or 630 or so.
Maybe I will see two or three of you tomorrow.
Let’s get organized!
It looks like it will be a beautiful afternoon, layer up the breeze could be brisk.  Best if you bring a lawn chair or a 5 gallon bucket to sit on.
~please forward if you are so inclined~

Coverage from Democracy Now!

Coverage from Huffington Post:


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