I Don’t Believe in the Big Bang

I don’t believe the theory of the Big Bang.

I understand that there is scientific evidence supporting the theory of a singularity some billions of years ago.

I accept that as real. But it is my belief that such singularities (that perhaps created our “universe” are just regional pertubances in a larger stable state “universe” that has always existed and will always exist.

In other words, from a larger perspective a big bang like singularity would look like a single atom undergoing radioactive decay in a chunk of uranium.

I think that the Big Bang theory is an attempt to reconcile science with the idea of Creation. It will fail. Sure there might be big bangs, but they are localized white holes, the reverse polarity state of a black hole.

I think string theory offers a reasonable explanation of all this. But I think string theory needs to advance to n dimensions, not just 11 or 13 dimensions. The universe is a vibration of strings of infinite dimensions. Our three-dimensional reality is a mapping of vibrations of n-dimensional strings onto 3-space. 11 or 13 dimensions may provide a useful approximation, but the adoption of n (infinite dimension) will make the equations easier.

The bigger universe has always been here.  That would leave the supernatural unemployed.

You may agree or disagree.   But I am pretty smart and I have been thinking about this all my life.


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