The Equations of Revolt – “Someday Loans”

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The United States government has for the last few years lent $80 Billion dollars a month to the richest people in the world (the bankers) in the form of interest free or very low interest rate loans. This is done simply by forcing the government (us) to purchase worthless bonds, and paying for them with real tax money extracted from us. On the one hand this gives the banksters plenty of money to speculate with and of course one of the main speculations is whether or not it will ever be repaid. Such fun!

On the other hand it debases the dollar especially overseas and this has driven the so called “recovery” in the US. [We have been allowed to purchase real goods with counterfeit money and it has given the US a temporary advantage.]  This is coming to an end with the arrival of revolution in the third and second worlds now. [It turns out that once people have been trickled on anywhere in the world they get upset]   There are real fears of global currency wars. Domestically this will mean inflation or collapse.

So 85 Billion is an 85 followed by nine zeros, yes? So in a year you get 85 times 12 = 102 followed by 10 zeros. That’s right the banksters are getting an interest free Trillion dollar a year loan from you. You are very generous and they thank you back by creating high paying and rewarding employment for you.

85,000.000.000 times 12 = 1020000000000

It might even be argued that in a mild inflationary environment, that such interest free loans might in reality be actually positive interest loans. We are paying the banksters to borrow money from us! Loan sharks? Nay!  We are loan minnows!  We are loan kittens!  We are Loan Angels!

Its really even sweeter because there isn’t really any timeline for repayment. Its like everyone agrees that the banksters owe trillions but no one (in government) is really clawing it back. Nay! Our corporate tax collectors and government enforcers of corporate law have the softest of mittens while at the same time they tighten the screws on the rights of real people!

So imagine if that trillion dollars was simply sent in a check last year to you, apportioned simply by population.
That would be over $3,000 for every mother, every child, every dad, every homeless person, every baby, every immigrant, every mentally ill person, you know – each and every one and all of us. If you are a mom and dad and two kids, well your share would be $12,000. Of course you would have to pay it back someday. But we understand that times are tough and your family is too important to fail. And you get the $12 grand with no interest. Life is sweet.

So let me repeat. Your family gets a check for $12,000 this year in the form of an interest free loan that you must repay “someday”. And if you blow it all, no worries! You’re gonna get another 12 grand next year!  This is not welfare.  You and your family are too important to fail.  If you fail all of civilization will fail.

Imagine that world in contrast to the trickle down reality we face today!

So now you see a little glitch in the market and riots in the Ukraine and Thailand. These are food riots spurred by global inflation due to our [ the United States] government’s actions. Now the FED must taper this bubble or there will be global currency wars. There will be pain either way.

These are the equations of revolt.


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