Robot Fear – Momentum Machines – Robot Burger Maker – I Call BS

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This morning the conservative blogosphere is wetting themselves over Momentum Machines supposed fast food robot burger maker.  It also made ZeroHedge

They are calling it the minimum wage worker crusher.   I call BS.

Here’s the website:

They are claiming throughput of 360 to 400 gourmet burgers per hour!

Think about it, that’s one burger every 10 seconds.   I have actually worked in factories around machines and I thinks this is fantasy.

That could only be accomplished with microwave cooking.

Plus can a burger stand actually sell a burger every 10 seconds?

So far all we have seen of this “technology” are a few pictures of some unsliced tomatoes, unshredded lettuce and a burnt hamburger.

This is redolent of what we were seeing ca. 2000 at the height of the Internet Bubble.  It is vaporware-at least until we see a working prototype.

Maybe we are in a bubble again.

In the meantime, sure no matter what you do to make a living, there is a robot competitor in your future.   But it won’t be fast food for a while.   This is BS.


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