How to Refinance Student Debt – The Jubilee Loan

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The recent McKinleyville bond scam (the issuance of 40 year zero coupon bonds that will cost over $50 million to repay) brought to me an idea of how to refinance the crushing debt burden faced by our young people who actually believed the hype about the value of an education.  The McKinleyville School board calls these zero coupon bonds just a “tool” in the “financial toolkit” and I see what they mean now.
For instance, if we take $10,000 face value of student debt and swap it out with zero coupon debt maturing at 50 years at 1% interest (let’s give them a break on the interest, what the hey, they are our kids and right now the banksters are getting an interest free float from the feds of $80 billion  a month)  and you get a zero coupon debt paying back $16,446.31 in the year 2062.   Why 50 years?  Well they way they talk about pushing back the retirement age our 20 somethings are looking at 50 years of work.  Right?
So using the tool of zero coupon debt our young indebted people can re-fi their student loans, each $10,000 increment paid back with $16,446.31 in the year 2062.
If the tool fits, use it.
have a peaceful day,
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