I am looking for some original songs about raising wages

I am looking for some singer/songwriters with a social conscience.

I am really trying to crowd-think this idea.

I am looking for songs about raising wages, the minimum wage, living wage, working poor, poverty, manual labor, poverty wages, etc. etc.     I need some music from the heart to cure the soul.   We are living in those kinds of times.

The rough idea is that a singer/songwriter will write a song and make a simple video with good sound quality, and send it to me to use on our fair wage campaign website.   We have a legitimate ballot issue coming up for a vote in November 2014 and some nice music on our website would be great.  You would give us the limited rights to use the video on our website and in radio and tv ads.  You the songwriter would retain all other rights.  That is just my idea, I am open to suggestions.   I am speaking as an individual activist, not as the spokesperson for the campaign.   Official campaign announcements are made by the 3 proponents.

I know your songs and your songwriting craft will get some exposure on our site.   That is a given.  Beyond that, who knows maybe we could plan a collection cd or something featuring the 12 best songs and sell it.  Of course the artists would have to be on board for that kind of enterprise, they would get some money too.   It is their work, understood and they should also make a living.

Let’s think this through.  I am a serious musician as well as a serious political activist and we can succeed.

I am supporter of the Eureka Fair Wage Act AKA Minimum Wage Act

Contact me  Bill Humboldt.organizer@gmail.com


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