Homeless Man Dies on Sidewalk in front of St. Vincent’s Dining Hall

While a Eureka jury deliberates in a homeless camping case, another homeless man dies on the sidewalk in front of  St. Vincent’s Dining Hall.


a comment from the Times – Standard:

Mandy Mahan · Teacher at Tulelake Basin Elementary School

“Robert Charles Manning was my little brother. It is surreal to read this article about him. Although he had many demons that plagued him throughout his short life, he was more that just a homeless man. He was a tender-hearted boy who was lost and trying to find his way through life, drinking his pain away a little at a time. Our family feared that this moment would come, and now that it is here, we are grief-stricken and numb. My wish is for people to know the kind of person that he was before alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs took over his life. My brother was funny. He had a great laugh. He was also an amazing artist. From the time we were young, he could draw intricate portraits of people and animals that would take your breath away. I was always a bit jealous of his artistic gift. 🙂 He loved eating his grandmommy’s home-cooking. Tacos and hotcakes were some of his favorites. There is so much more that I wish I could say to you, Robbie. I love you, and I will always remember the little brother who helped me get through all the sad times that we had in our childhood. I am so, so sorry for all the pain and heartache you experienced in your life. I love you, my brother. I pray that you are now resting in peace. Another prayer that I have is for all of us, myself included. I pray that, when we see a homeless person on the street, we will look beyond the circumstances to see the person behind the pain. Goodbye, Robbie. I love you and I always will ~ your sister, Mandy.”


One Response to “Homeless Man Dies on Sidewalk in front of St. Vincent’s Dining Hall”

  1. I am extremely sorry about this. I was wondering, if anyone has a picture of him? I think I know the name, but can’t place the face. I would appreciate it, to help ma know whether or not I knew him for sure…. Thank you.

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