Musician’s & Artist’s Coffee House

I am going to try to open a coffee house somewhere in Eureka.

I am going to do this, not because Eureka needs another coffee house, it might not, but there is room for another.  I want a coffee house that specializes in live music, at least 4 nights and days  a week.  Eureka is a small city but it is large enough to support such a venue.

What Eureka needs is a decent venue for acoustic music and there isn’t one.

I don’t want to be involved with alcohol so that leaves coffee.

I will get this started if I can, after it is started the business will be OWNED BY the EMPLOYEES with perhaps some ownership interest by the local music and art community.

It is time to move to worker owned businesses.

I don’t have any money (yet) and I am not looking for investors.  I am looking for four or five people that want to do something like this.  We will go on from there.

contact me:  Bill Holmes

have a peaceful day,



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