Court Support for Dane Carr – Persecuted for Religion by City of Eureka

shortlink here:
Please come to Humboldt County Courthouse room 2 @ 830 am tomorrow Dec 10 to support Dane Carr, a houseless man, a Pagan, who is being persecuted by the Eureka City Council.   He has been charged with nine counts of sleeping in a doorway.  The City of Eureka has retained an outside attorney to persecute Mr. Carr at YOUR expense.   YOU ARE SPENDING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO PERSECUTE SOMEONE SLEEPING IN A DOORWAY IN OFF HOURS WHEN THE DOORWAY IS NOT BEING USED.  Your money is being squandered.
I have been there for two days.  This is a disgraceful persecution.  I have yet to see a single member of our local media cover this case, which might end up in the Supreme Court.   This lack of local  coverage is disgraceful also.
have a peaceful day,

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