EPA Issues Stunning Reversal on Water Flouridation

shortlink here http://wp.me/pbr9G-3RL

mnemonic here:  http://urlet.com/wand.winners

via Fox News:

January’s EPA recommendation reversal was made following a revised risk  assessment study that found 2 out of 5 adolescents had tooth streaking  or spottiness and some pitting as a result of excessive fluoride. In  addition, other studies have found excessive ingestion of fluoride  capable of increasing the risk of brittle bones leading to fractures and debilitating bone abnormalities.

There have always been fluoride  critics who questioned the chemical’s safety and challenged the decision to use fluoride in municipal drinking water. According to the Los  Angeles Times, back in 2005, “the heads of 11 EPA unions, including  those representing the agency’s scientists, demanded that EPA reduce the permissible level of added fluoride in water to zero, citing research  suggesting it can cause cancer. Other studies have pointed to  neurotoxicity and hormone disruption from excessive fluoride”.



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