Cookie Wreck – CannaVenture – Girl Scout Cookies x Arcata Trainwreck

Cookie Wreck regular

Indoor / outdoor                         Parentage: Girl Scout Cookies x Arcata Train Wreck BXII

Sex: male/female (Reg)

Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid, Mostly Sativa

Flowering Time: 8 to 10 weeks

Height: Tall

Area: Indoor/Outdoor

Yield: Above average to Great

Taste: Lemon/Limey / Play Doh/OGK

***All Cookie Wreck packs contain 3 Free ECSD clone x  Cookie Wreck seeds***

“We used the Girl Scout Cookies “Forum” cut and our  Arcata TrainWreck BXII male (H3ADS gear) . We found  a couple different keeper phenos, depending on  preference. There’s a huge yielding TrainWreck sativa dom pheno, and a good yielding GSC dom pheno . I  prefer the GSC dom phenos, with nice coloring, good  yields, and heavy trich production. Both are worthy cuts to take up a spot on the Mom shelf.”


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