Nux Mighty 8 – Roland Microcube Killer?

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I have been waiting to see one of these little units since I saw them mentioned online earlier this summer. Readers of this blog will understand that I spent the summer and the fall trying to play music outside with battery power. I started the summer with a Roland Microcube.

This Nux Mighty 8 amp is battery powered but it is a purported 8 watts vs. the 3 watts or so of the Roland. Mantova’s 2 Street Music here in Eureka just got a few of these in and I plugged in and tried one out. It sounded good to me, and I am used to little battery amps and how they sound. I would pick this over the Roland, and it is about 30 bucks cheaper, at $129. It sounds more powerful and the effects are better, I think, but I would have to compare them side by side. I am sure someone will do a youtube comparison soon.

I won’t be buying one because I have moved on to Crate Limos and 12 volt inverter rigs for my street rig. But if I was looking for a small practice amp, I would certainly still consider this Mighty 8 or even a Roland Microcube. (I still have my microcube, it is a solid piece of equipment, I have actually got more use out of it in several areas than any other amp I have purchased, go figure. I got the Roland in 2008 at Humboldt Bay Traders for about 60 bucks.)

Nux has a line of pedals too, Mantovas has some of them, look in their pedal case but in a box up on top of the case you will see the NUX pedals.


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