My Run at the Lil Red Lion Is Over

Well I’ve been there 20 weeks or so this year and five or six weeks last year.

I don’t know exactly why but last week when I went in to play they had another band.

I am not exactly the great communicator, lets face it I communicate poorly sometimes so I can blame myself.

I will drop in there one of these days and make sure they understand there are no hard feelings here. They have helped me.

But I will say its been a lot of fun playing there and it has really helped me hone my show and my amplified act.

Bindar (the owner) and the crew, have all been really nice to me. I am sure after 20 weeks the regulars are plenty tired of me. I am going to spend the winter learning new songs, recording my next cd, and touring down to southern California to play if possible.

I am also going to redouble my efforts to find a guitar player (or other instrumentalist) to accompany me in live performances. I think I do pretty well as a vocalist and rhythm guitarist, but my sound really needs the added texture of at least one more instrument. Doubling the personnel more than doubles the sound.


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