A Magical Musical Night at Old Town Coffee and Chocolates Wednesday Open Mic

I don’t get down to the open mics much anymore because I am playing all the time now but when I first got to Eureka I went to every open mic I could every week.   I think they are a great thing for the community.

I wandered into the Coffee and Chocolates open mic last night (Wednesdays) and ran into my friend Sara Torres.  Sara is going to be a star someday, she is still just over 21.  She has a voice that is powerful and angelic at the same time, and she is also capable of near Janis grit.  She is for real.  A very talented songwriter as well.

Sara had a friend there also named Tami Lynn (sorry if I have it spelled wrong that’s how I understood her name phonetically) who is a singer guitarist in her own right.   Well they worked out a kind of impromptu duet on the old Joni Mitchell song “For Free” with Tami Lynn just singing solo and Sara Torres just playing guitar.   Two things.  OMG Tami Lynn has a voice!  Astounding!  And then young Sara Torres did a tour de force guitar accompaniment.   Wow.  The two of them together made me cry and the last time that happened was listening to Joanne Rand at the CUHW rally.

My understanding is that Sara and Tami Lynn and a few other local women are going to do a Joni Mitchell tribute in early November.    If you like beautiful singing and guitar playing be there.

There were several other worthy singers there too last night, one named Jim and the other John.  Both lefties and singing kind of Americana style material, though Jim played plugged in and John played a nice resonator guitar unplugged.  Very enjoyable open mic.


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