Time for a New Constitution

shortlink: http://wp.me/pbr9G-3Jt  mnemonic: http://urlet.com/cramps.grab

Its time for a new Constitution.

We are in a new era of almost instant connectivity.  We can in theory vote instantly on any topic of national interest.  Millions of us vote every week for “Idols.”  We have the technology available right now for the first time in history for instant direct democracy.  I do think that important votes should always be conducted by verifiable hand counted paper ballots.  However we have a unique chance right now to “crowd-source” a new Constitution.

We need not disparage the so-called “Founding Fathers” and their document nor need we worship them and stick our heads in the sand and ignore 200 years of progress.

Let’s get together and write a new Constitution.  We can do it online. This will be a historic chance for the left, the right and everyone in between to shape the kind of government we need for the future.  If we cannot find agreement online there is little hope of finding agreement in real life.

We will need to develop some protocols to ensure that the entire populace is fairly represented.  Everything needs to be on the table.

If you think this is a good idea, email me humboldt.organizer@gmail.com

I would like to see future constitutions contain a sunset clause, so that we would be forced to renew the process every hundred years or so.

have a peaceful day,



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