sea of seeds website flaw reportedly exposes customer info.

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IMO it was good for RIU to remove the origninal thread as it led directly to individual’s private info.  However the general news of this situation should be disseminated, thats how I feel obviously.  people deserve to know and RIU should not spin the bad news just to favor their sponsor.  According to the original RIU post, some 12,000-13,000 transaction details including names and addresses were visible online, which means accounting for repeat customers maybe 5,000-10,000 individuals private details were potentially visible.  At this point there is no evidence that anyone has exploited the flaw.
update 830 am pst  “ temporarily offline.   will come back with better system.”   rollitup thread has been removed.   sos is aware of the prob and is doing damage control.  this info from the now removed rollitup thread.

sea of seeds website flaw reportedly exposes customer info
this is an unverified report on an internet forum.   it is posted fyi.
Sea of Seeds “New Website Coming Soon”
Contact email for Sea of Seeds:

2 Responses to “sea of seeds website flaw reportedly exposes customer info.”

  1. Johnny Fucko Says:

    Pot Roast removed them all like a cunt. This whole thing is pissing me off and I’ve never even ordered seeds from SoS

  2. Says:

    RlU nothing but a. Bunch of spammers,none of there business.

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