F.O.G. – Fast Outdoor Genetics – Canada

FOG – Fast Outdoor Genetics

Fast Outdoor Genetics is bringing some fast and potent strains from the Eastern Canadian region. Tough and reliable, just what is needed for the short season.

Early Funk Hardy Bomb Mighty Green Northern Green Northern Sativa ST Amnesia x LR/Thai South Africa Sativa Stank

Northern Green


An indica dominant plant with big chunky buds that are very resistant to mold. It will reward you with a pile of sticky buds that have a piney smell with fruity/herbal undertones. This is a great strain for guerilla growers, and will be ready in early September with some phenotypes going until mid September, giving you 1/4 lb to a 1/2 lb of tasty potent buds.

South African Sativa

A very early maturing, pure 100% sativa. These seeds were given to us in 2005, as a hybrid of two local landraces from South Africa. This plant is probably a hybrid of Durban Poison, since it has a slight lycorice, and sharp sour taste, with earthy and spicy notes. The high from this strain is strong and an old school sativa type high. This one will definitely keep you going through out the day. It will grow tall and christmas tree shaped like a typical sativa, and will provide a bountiful harvest of buds with large amounts of resin in early to mid September. Its hardy to mold and fungus, and has been acclimatised to the Canadian climate over 3 generations



This is our highly inbred sativa leaning hybrid. It is a very early semi autoflowering plant. This is a strong plant with a long lasting and slightly paranoid high. This is not something to smoke before bed. The flavours from this plant range mostly of rotting fruit to fruity with a hint grass and spice. The smoke is smooth, and the taste on the exhale is quite pleasant, especially with the fruitier phenotypes. This plant will produce lots of resin over its leaves, making it a great plant to make hash with. This plant has been bred outside for several generations, and is acclimatized to the Northern climate. Most plants will finish in August, with some going a little longer yeilding a good chunk of strong sativa smoke.



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