Jamaica Seeds – Cannabis Breeders

shortlink here:  http://wp.me/pbr9G-3F6  mnemonic here:  http://urlet.com/classic.offering

FYI – This is for your information.  This is a new breeder  (new to me anyway) I came across.  I do not have personal knowlege of their genetics or business rep.  Take the usual care.  That being said, I have enjoyed the Jamaican (generically speaking, not this breeder)  I have smoked in the past, if these folks have some real Jamaican genetics could be some nice fresh green genes.  Plus they have a pleasant mix of Panama, Colombian, Mexican, Afghan and Jamaican that maybe was the primordial soup for our beloved Humboldt Trainwreck.   It looks like they have autos in 1 and 5 packs & photoperiod regs in 5 packs  & photoperiod fems  in 1 and 5 packs.  A thoughtful selection for the small home grower.

Anyone have comments or experiences with this breeder and their gear?  We are all ears here at HighBoldtage.

Note I am not responsible for the fancy mouseovers I copied it from the breeders website in the interest of sharing information.  If they irritate you or enrage you, please skip them.  The breeders website is hosted at a free hosting site called nixieweb.com.  Their address is jamaicangardens.nixieweb.com.   This is not a knock on the breeder, who may just be a small entrepreneur starting out, and I am fine with that.


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Powerful and aromatic. Tremendous power of revegetation. Fast and exuberant. Medical Marijuana up 20% THC.

10,00 € Available

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