Fresh Food Trucks for Eureka’s Five Wards?

How much would it cost the city of Eureka to subsidize one (1) fresh produce truck to operate 5 days a week in the city limits?

Really it seems like the truck could generate enough income to partially support itself, even if prices were kept low.

The truck would spend one day a week in each of Eurekas five wards. Maybe tuesday through saturday. maybe mornings one place and afternoons another. So 10 opportunities a week for the community to buy fresh food. Food could be locally sourced when possible and reasonably priced. this would go a ways in remedy of a few serious food deserts in our community. Henderson Center and Old Town East are a couple of obvious ones. I am sure there are more.

Is this worth talking about? Yes I know it would compete with the farmers market.  On the other hand it would actually BE a market for local farmers and they wouldn’t have to spend their time at a booth in Eureka,  they could spend their time growing food.

have a peaceful day,



2 Responses to “Fresh Food Trucks for Eureka’s Five Wards?”

  1. How much would it cost? To take tax money from productive citizens and give it to non-productive people? Not much until they run out of money. Then what?

  2. I don’t know how much it would cost. I think it could nearly support itself, even if prices were kept reasonable. Probably cost to the city less than one full time employee but with benefits for several thousand food desert inhabitants.

    have a peaceful day,

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