I don’t know anything about this business other than what is on the net.  I don’t know even if they are really here in Humboldt or the Emerald Triangle.  But they have apparently 200k hits so they must have been there for a while.   I came across them by stumbling upon an ad in the San Diego Reader

Wholesale Medicinal Cannabis from the Heart of Humboldt.

Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2013 1:02 PM


Wholesale Medicinal Cannabis from the Heart of Humboldt.

Ounces starting at $100.00 and less.
We also have many strains of genetically clean feminized seeds.

Must have current state issued photo identification and valid certification of medical cannabis eligibility.
Providing services to legally certified medical cannabis patients only.
NOTE* Colorado & Washington licensed patients only.

• Location: San Diego, 37 couriers in 16 states.

• Post ID: 12676545 sandiego

So as always this is FYI, caveat emptor (buyer beware) I am not responsible etc. etc.  But you gotta admit there are a few interesting things going on.   One, the price of marijuana is crashing.  Marijuana Bubble bursting?  [ ]   Two, the marijuana business is going national.  Three, if this is legit then internet cooperatives are good to go.


Blue Dream Popcorn Buds

SPECIAL A Grade Greenhouse (Dime size buds)
1 pound $1,200.00 1.5 pounds $1,750.00

Blue Dream

A Grade Indoor 1 ounce $125.00 2 ounces $250.00 2.5 ounces $300.00 4 ounces $450.00 6 ounces $650.00 8 ounces $800.00 1 pound $1,500.00 1.5 pounds $2,200.00

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