Emerald OG x Headband – California Breeders Association – Emerald Mountain Seeds

as usual, fyi, not an endorsement, caveat emptor, buyer beware etc. etc.  I just found this on the net.  They might be total legit I don’t know.  I have heard of Emerald Mountain before I think they sell their seeds at Harborside in Oakland, or have in the past.  I don’t know if this is  good website for Emerald Mountain Seeds.  We will have to discern that.

Emerald OG x Headband


from the website:

“Hi, we are pleased to present a classic in our stable…the Emerald OG x Headband.  Ran all throughout the Emerald Triangle, many people have said that this is one of the best hash making strains they have seen, giving impressive results in return yields after processing.”

Emerald OG x Headband

Name – Emerald OG x Headband Genetics – (Emerald OG x Headband) x Emerald OG Indica / Sativa – 80/20 Harvest – 8 to 9 weeks / Mid Oct. Stature – Medium / Lanky

After developing our Emerald OG (f6) we crossed it with a Headband cut we got from a group of friends in Covelo, Mendocino CA.

Large terpine and crystal development.  Truly a wonderful smoke!  A HUGE producer outside, but beware of grey mold and pm as it comes quick and easy.

Great for nausea, pain and sleep disorders.


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