Will Arcata’s Redevelopment Trainwreck Derail the Shiny New Grow Tax?

I’ve been thinking about this because according to the snooze media PG & E wants to charge Arcata $600,000 to implement the system to collect the tax.  It just seems to me that it is going to be inconvenient to have to explain to the state how an unsecured creditor gets to jump in front of the state’s  $1.3 mil claim.  Maybe this is not insurmountable, but the contractors have claims too, of up to $200,000 each, and I am sure they will not want line jumpers either.  Sure it will in theory produce revenue but only if it doesn’t work and the growers stick around to pay it.
Some one in Arcata needs to start doing some deeper thinking.
have a peaceful day,

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