Benefit / Fundraiser for the Eureka Fair Wage Act!

featuring wild & local honky-tonk band

Rooster McClintock


Saturday, January 19th at the Arcata Veteran’s Memorial Building (Vet’s Hall)

Music begins at 7:00pm

Brews from Mad River Brewing and Six Rivers Brewery

The Vet’s Hall is at 1425 J Street in Arcata Tickets are $12 at the door.

Must be 21 or older to attend.

If you live in Eureka or Manila, a shuttle bus will leave the show at 11pm to return people home

A night of music and brews to raise the minimum wage!

The Fair Wage Graphics Contest winners will be announced during the January 19th benefit concert.  Need not be present to win.

Raise a glass. Raise the roof.  Raise the minimum wage!

Saturday, January 19th at the Arcata Vet’s Hall.

The Eureka Fair Wage folks have proudly partnered with the Ink People to put on this event.

for more information check out or call 707-442-7465


3 Responses to “Benefit / Fundraiser for the Eureka Fair Wage Act!”

  1. F0R3V3RZ3R0 Says:

    Wow, your anti-Walmart campaign is rising to new heights. Why not blame the Flu, Lincoln’s assassination, communism and the greenhouse effect on them while you’re at it?

    This whole nonsensical thing was spawned by the epic failure of Humboldt’s unique twisting of the Occupy Movement by the wannabe hippies and homeless vagrants which turned our Courthouse’s front lawn into a campground (literally). Their methods of ‘protest’ seemed to be vandalizing everything in sight with their counter-culture nonsense and screaming at passing cars, when they weren’t busy getting drunk, high, or using the grounds as a toilet. (I’m sure that was just part of their effort to front off ‘the Man’ right under his nose, though…)

    The propaganda handed out by signature-collectors for this Act (largely consisting of bearded, fast-talking, crazy-eyed individuals that seem at best a little ‘unstable’) seems based on ‘financial studies’ done in places other than Humboldt, like San Jose — which has much higher cost of living than Eureka — is nothing more than unsupported claims based on the opinions of ‘professionals’, while siting no actual statistics.

    Minimum wage is not – and never was meant to be – a living wage, it is a starting point to build on. Yet if you dare to express this notion to one of the EFW campaign workers, you are told (and I’m paraphrasing here) ‘that you are believing the Man’s capitalist lies’. Provided with a question they cannot answer, they resort to talking in roundabout ways that typically end with them changing the subject, and I was personally told I should ‘apply for (Target’s) corporate office’ after suggesting that big businesses, having started as small businesses themselves, simply were living the American Dream and had had more success than others. In its blogs, frequent posters EurekaWorker and HighBoldtage (where have I heard that name before…?) resort to calling people names if their opinions are challenged.

    In all, the whole Act seems like a short-sighted, isolationist effort on the part of a group of people that are cheesed off about WalMart opening ‘against the vote of the people’ or whatever, and who are equally angry that smoking pot and camping out for months in front of the courthouse accomplished nothing (though what it would have been is beyond me, given the image they were portraying, which is very like the effort they’re making now, IMO).

    Incidentally, I’d like to see an actual list of businesses that will and will not be affected by the EFW act. Your bearded, schizophrenic-looking signature collector couldn’t “even begin to provide such a list”, though he was sure that “no local businesses would be affected” (shortly after implying that Lost Coast Brewery was greedy for their desire to expand, and didn’t count as such). Oh, but that’s right, such things (just like things that support their propaganda beyond the opinions of alleged professionals) cannot be produced, as another of your signature collectors said, “by magic” (though he wishes he could).

    Have fun in your next basement meeting.

  2. F0R3V3RZ3R0 Says:

    I just realized that EurekaWorker is actually just HumBoldtage’s sock puppet account in said blogs to make it seem like there’s more than one person with his/her kind of fanaticism. My bad.

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