1,000 Songs, 1,000 Sigs

I will sing 1,000 songs.   I want 1,000 sigs. 

If you want me to sing you a song email me @ humboldt.organizer@gmail.com and put “sing me a song” in the subject.  Throughout the next several months, weather permitting, I will do a concert in an outdoor public venue in Eureka.  Most likely this will be Clarke Plaza but it could be anywhere in Eureka.  If you want a song I will add you to my music list and I will try to give you 24 hour notice of my next show.

While you are listening I will invite you to support the Eureka Fair Wage Act.  Everything I make playing music in the next several months I will devote to raising wages in Eureka.   If you support my music (which you can for free just by showing up) you will be doing your part in raising wages for Eureka’s hardest working people.

I am also available for musical appearances, acoustic/eclectic folk, rock, roots rock, americana, country with a bit of humor and pop.

This is my/our work with Jimmie Mandich:



I am available for Arts Alive Eureka Saturday Jan. 5.  I will  give you a professional level show email me humboldt.organizer@gmail.com

You can hire me also to sing you a song.  I can be hired to sing you a $1.00 song, a $10.00 song or a $100.00 song.  I promise that the free song will be just as good as the $1.00 song and  the $10.00 song and the $100.00 song, they are just more expensive.  If you want to hire me to sing a song email me humboldt.organizer@gmail.com and put “sing me a song” in the subject just like you would for a free song but in the body of the message offer to pay me 1, 10 or 100 dollars.  I’ll add you to my music list like above and keep you notified of my upcoming shows and you can come to one of them and hear me sing your song and you can pay me.

I expect that there will be six or seven nice days in January alone so you will have multiple chances to hear songs.

have a peaceful day,


~please forward~


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