Music For New Years Parties


Available for New Years parties,

Friday Dec. 28 Saturday Dec. 29, Sunday Dec. 30 and Monday Dec. 31

Bill Holmes, formerly of Two Smooth Stones.

Solo acoustic/eclectic (amplified if needed) troubador/songwriter for your New Years party.

I will do a professional level 3 hour show (3 45 min sets..) on one of these nights for your party or event.  I have done lots of club dates, special shows, fund raisers and Farmers Markets right here in Eureka, Arcata and Humboldt for the last five years.

folk, rock, roots rock, americana, country, some humor a little pop and a little blues.

Any money I make playing music in December and January will go towards our effort to pass the Eureka Fair Wage Act, a $12 an hour minimum wage for large employers, so not only can you enjoy my music but your money will go to a great cause, and it will be recycled back to the community in a positive way.

contact me put “music” in the subject.

have a peaceful day, Bill


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