It’s Time to Tax Empty Storefronts in Eureka

The economy is cratering in Eureka.   How many empty storefronts in Eureka?  Anyone keeping tabs?

Its time to tax empty storefronts.   How about a monthly 25 cent per square foot tax on empty storefronts?  That would cost the landlord (many of them absentee landlords) of an empty 1,000 square foot shoppe about $250 per month and would incentify them to reduce their rents and rent to entrepreneurs.

This would bring needed revenue to the city and it would stimulate the local economy.

Any landlord who failed to pay the tax would have a lien slapped on and the city could take the property and sell it on the open market to someone who is serious about renting the property.

What do you all think?

have a peaceful day, Bill

PS Anyone who might want to talk about an initiative campaign to pass this ordinance in Eureka please contact me

Thanks to Fred Mangels for spreading the word on this proposal

If we can get about 10 people we can form a committee, firm up the proposal and present it to the city council for starters.  If they refuse to act and we still believe in it then we can pursue the initiative process.  It will take about 10 people.


2 Responses to “It’s Time to Tax Empty Storefronts in Eureka”

  1. Sounds like a good idea

  2. Thanks Don, I think it would improve the local economy quite a bit and also allow more people to pursue the dream of owning their own businesses. They are stymied now by excessive rents.

    have a peaceful day,

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