A Memo From PARC

A memo from our friends at Peoples Action for Rights & Community, Eureka:

You may have noticed that we didn’t send out a  rent/bill email for December.  That was due to super-busy-ness, and we  got the money together thanks to a large donation.  However, PARC can only continue to function with $$ donations and various other types of  contributions.  Given that it is the rainy, cold season (and it sure has been cold!), there is a need for blankets, sleeping bags, warm clothes, warm boots, tarps (without holes), and raingear.  Also, we encourage folks who have houses, garages, yards, or other  “private property” space to offer it to one or more people for nighttime rest.  (Please see the attached Safe Sleeping Space call-out from 2009.  It has helpful ideas).

Other needs.   Maybe you could help with one of them:

FIVE padlocks with keys.  PARC recently acquired 5 lockers  for the yard because there is no place for people to put their  belongings while they walk around and take care of life.

LAUNDRY washed and dryed! (mostly towels and sometimes clothes for the “take what you need” closet)

Soup/Eating bowls (ceramic, glass), preferably used, from thrift stores or home cabinets.

Men’s clothing

Laundry Soap  natural please, preferably powder, preferably Bio-Kleen or Country Save

Dish Soap
natural please

Multi-Pure Filter CB6  I think we can buy it for about $50 through the people who donated the  filter 4 years ago (such an awesome contribution)  Please call or email  if you want to help us get that.

Packing Tape, Duct Tape, Painter’s Tape

100% recycled paper for printing/copying

Volunteers!  one day a week would be great!  Please call or email to discuss.

We know it is “THAT time of the year” – Holiday season for many, Harvest season for Humboldt
Please donate if you can.  And encourage those who have more resources to contribute.


To donate online:  parc.2truth.com

PARC phone number: (707) 442-7465

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 5692
Eureka, CA  95502

Physical Address:  1617 Third Street, Eureka CA  (off of Q Street, in the alley between 3rd and 2nd, near the Samoa bridge)

Thank you for years of support.



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