Dangerous Red Tide Toxin Highest Ever Detected on North Coast

via the Triplicate Crescent City Del Norte County California

“Shellfish gathered from Del Norte County coasts this fall have been found to contain the highest  level ever detected here of a dangerous toxin produced by red algal blooms, often called red tide.

The red algal blooms are so intense this year that they have been visible to the naked eye on  many stretches of Del Norte coasts, including the images on this page of Crescent City’s South Beach taken by an aerial photographer Monday.”

“The toxins recently detected in Del Norte mussels, known as paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) toxins, can affect the central nervous system and have been linked to 542 reported illnesses and 39 deaths in California since 1927. Two particularly problematic years, 1933 and 1943, produced four deaths and 33 cases of PSP-related illnesses in Del Norte and Humboldt counties.

With dozens of recreational fishermen catching Dungeness crab since the season opened last weekend, consumers are being advised to avoid eating the crab’s internal organs, also known as crab guts or “crab butter,” where PSP toxins can accumulate.”



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