Seeds of Africa – Landrace Sativas

As usual, this is an FYI this is not an endorsement.

Seeds of Africa or

Durban Magic

Durban Magic is a pure Sativa smelling strong with big hints of fruits – an
indigenous strain which can be found nearly everywhere in the Durban country.
The plants smell great, reminding on thaistrains – easy to grow.

Malawi Gold

This is the fastest Malawi Gold available – a superb pure sative smelling like
sweet and heavy pineapple – absolutely fantastic. Very mold resistant, easy to
grow and one of the best sativa available for sure.


The legend says that this great n pure sativa came with the arabs in the early
1200s to Mozambique. Mozambica is a great genetic for crossing or for having a
great and longlasting sativasmell in your nose; a truely unique strain…

Swazi Gold

Swazi Gold ist a fast plant which is highly resistant against illnesses and
mold. Also outdoors this nice strain will do very, very well. Smelling extremely
fruity and powerful – easy to grow.


Another great African strain which is easy to grow – famous for its fruity smell
and the clear sativa. Ideal for indoor and outdoorgrower – recommended for

Zamal Reunion

Zamal grows big, you can expect x-mas tress for sure! One of the best, maybe the
best, sativa available – a truely winnerstrain smelling like great tropical
Mangos – highly recommended!!! Absolutely superb and strong sativasmell –
recommended for all growers!


Zimbabwe comes original from the south of Zimbabwe, near to the South African
boarder. Easy to grow and highly recommended for crossing with other strains.
Grows not so big as the other pure sativas by African Seeds…


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