A Humble Suggestion for the CUHW and the IHSS Workers

Since the last time our IHSS workers got a raise the Humboldt County Supervisors were making about $35,000 a year, may I suggest that the CUHW and the IHSS workers and allied groups and individuals in the community file an initiative petition in Humboldt County that will specify the Supervisors pay to be $35,000 per year?  You can also decide if you want to give them pensions and health care.  There are probably at least three of these Grandees who will look you in the eye and tell you that government should never provide health care.  So there you go.

You need three proponents and $200 to file your initiative.   You will need to gather something like 7,000 or 8,000 signatures county wide to get it on the ballot.  I don’t really think that would be hard to do in the current climate.

I think by the time you get your first 1,000 sigs that you might start getting some serious offers.

If you get to 5,000 sigs, hell you might get $11.00 an hour plus some bennies.

My plate is a bit full at the moment or I would do this myself, but if you get it going I will sign it.

have a peaceful day,



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