City of Eureka Trashes Native Plant Garden

from Xandra Mann:
City of Eureka Damages The Old Town Native Plant Garden on 2nd and H St
     The City of Eureka decided to work on the Old Town Native Plant Garden while I was out of town for four days.  Upon my return I couldn’t believe what they did to the beautiful garden I spent three years creating.
     Many of the plants had beautiful flowers this summer and some were still flowering while others had set seeds and fruits.  These plants were cut in a way that removed the majority of the vegetative mass including fruit, seeds and habitat that birds, butterflies and bees depend upon.
     The City heavily pruned many plants and actually removed many others.  This vegetation was bagged and removed along with the mulch and topsoil, exposing the majority of the ground surface, leaving the garden damaged, exposed and vulnerable to invasive species and weeds I have spent years controlling.  These plant materials and topsoil would have suppressed weeds and enabled native wild flowers to sprout instead.
     We have always cared for the garden by hand because we noticed salamanders, butterfly larva and tree frogs living in the mulch and on plants.  By removing such huge quantities of plant materials the City eliminated the habitat for these sensitive species.
     We are volunteers and we adopted this garden which had been neglected.  We invested many hours of our time and many dollars obtaining diverse native plant species and maintaining them.  The volunteer program is intended to help the financially strapped City. It should be supported.  All we are asking is that the City let us know when they are unhappy with our work and we will work together to fix any problems.   Please contact Public Works to talk to Tom Coyle, Bruce Young and Mike Knight and let the City know how you feel. 707-441-4192 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            707-441-4192    

One Response to “City of Eureka Trashes Native Plant Garden”

  1. A new book in our shop is “Care & Maintenance of Southern California Native Plant Gardens,” by Bart O’Brien, Betsey Landis and Ellen Mackey. This bi-lingual book (Spanish/English) outlines gardening techniques for native plants with chapters on soil, watering, planting, pruning, pest & weed management. These techniques apply to Northern California gardens.

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