UFO Sighting Eureka CA July 31 2012

“On July 31, 2012 at approximately 6:12pm I just so happened to be outside taking a break from work; with another coworker, having a cigarette. Then while we were talking I started to look up at this bamboo bush I had just recently trimmed and in the corner of my eye I noticed something dark moving very subtly across the sky. And as I turned my head in reaction to this movement there it was gleaming in the sunny blue sky, a bright dark (almost holographic in appearance) luminous metallic object that stopped abruptly in response to me turning in its general direction. I caught myself being completely bewildered and while I pointed up at the sky I asked my coworker to come over and tell me what she thought this thing was? We booth stood there for a minute in astonishment, scratching our heads trying to persuade ourselves it was a plane���for what else could it be, after all it was flying in the sky. Then I think we began to come to light that it wasn���t actually flying but it was hovering: stationary in a 60��� angle from our vantage point on the ground, about 500ft up in the sky. There wasn���t a single sound being omitted from the craft and as it continued to hover above a cloud we came to the realization that it also was lacking any wings that are needed for flight. It had a smooth almost plasma like exterior surface that was practically black, but yet despite it being composed of a dark color you might associate with a shadow it was shinny and illuminating ���dark��� color that was injected even onto the cloud it was above. We only were able to see the craft from its profile and it was cigar-shape: cylindrical in appearance: and the front end of the craft had a bigger much wider circumference than the back which seemed to somewhat taper off. The craft was really streamed lined with no window and if I were to label the architecture of the craft I would say it���s very modern and ultra-futuristic in design. We booth we looking together at the strange object in the sky which also resembled what you might think a submarine looks but only this submarine was hovering up in the sky and then my coworker turned around and sat back down in her seat smoking her cigarette with her back to the ufo.”

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One Response to “UFO Sighting Eureka CA July 31 2012”

  1. William Mobley Says:

    I live in fortuna CA and have been seeing them for over 2 years now.Ive seen so many different ones and lights dripping and lights shooting right in front of me.They also came as low as a telephone pole right over my head.Their still here today.They hover and look like sticks with a light on each end.Many times the lights have came down to me.This is no lie i swear.One looks like a blw dryer with red lights all over.Contact me if you need info i got plenty.William Mobley

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