A Little Help for PARC, A Lot of Help for Humankind……

What a drag to have to ask again… but donations are how PARC survives and is able to share food, clothing, space, books, phone and computer access, internet, tenant support, civil rights support, loads of information- all at no cost -to anyone who needs it.  You help make some really good things happen here- every day.

Please send or drop by what you can.  Rent is due on the 6th, and we still have $450 to raise.

We also now, at PARC, have a petition you can come sign (Eureka residents) for the Eureka Fair Wage Act http://eurekafairwageact.wordpress.com

Our phone number is (707) 442-7465

Mailing address: PARC P.O. Box 5692 Eureka, CA  95502

Physical Address of PARC:  1617 Third Street, Eureka CA  (off of Q Street, in the alley between 3rd and 2nd, near the Samoa bridge)

Check our website for a way to pay online!  http://parc.2truth.com

PARC is also in need of more volunteers (for a variety of tasks) and one or two people who want to “intern” in the ways of valuable and strategic court support and the work involved in true advocacy for victims of state violence.

We are likely going to have another public computer soon. Currently, we need to look toward buying a new Multipure replacement filter, a projector, and new printer ink cartridges.

PARC always welcomes -donations of food (including pots of cooked food) -clean clothes and sleeping gear for the give-away closet -books and documentaries for the library -information to distribute or display about the projects you’re involved in -healing herbs and first aid supplies -office supplies (especially pens, folders, DVD’s and notepads) -sign/banner supplies (acrylic paints, brushes) -YOUR ENERGY

Doing loads of laundry for PARC is always a huge help!

Please help keep PARC going.

THANK YOU! Verbena  707.442.7465


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