Romney Conducts Dead Parrot Diplomacy in the UK

Clearly, this is a comedy tour now, a political clown car,  and the GOP needs to start putting laugh tracks on all its ads.  In most democracies in the world this race would be over now, but maybe not in the good ole USA.  With Romney now the laughing stock of Europe, only question is how will he manage to piss off the Israelis next week?

They have attempted to sell us a portrait of Romney the ultra successful business man, qualified to run vast enterprises.

But where is the evidence to support that?  What if he is just a rich man who has the resources to hire a bunch of advisors?  He was born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, he no doubt grew up as a child with a nanny to make all his important decisions for him.  By the time he was a teenager he no doubt had legal and financial advisors to make his important decisions for him.  Where is the evidence that he is capable at all?  I am not saying he is stupid, just that he might not be the sharpest stick in the bundle.  There is no proof of his capabilities, unless you think wealth is the equivalent of intelligence and morality. 

It isn’t.

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One Response to “Romney Conducts Dead Parrot Diplomacy in the UK”

  1. Whether Sen. Rubio would turn down a spot on the ticket if directly asked to serve by Gov. Romney this summer remains to be seen. But if Rubio is indeed serious about closing the door on a vice presidential run, my second choice for the ticket remains Gov. Chris Christie, who meshes well with Romney on the stump and who reinforces the Romney brand as an economy-first Republican ticket. Additionally, Gov. Christie more than sufficiently fills the role of attack dog that is often expected of a vice presidential nominee. And there is some evidence that Christie would help the ticket in the swing state of Florida, with a poll from January showing that a Romney/Christie ticket neutralizes the “dream ticket” of Obama/Clinton in Florida, something that even Rubio couldn’t accomplish. This shouldn’t be surprising given the number of Northeastern transplants who inhabit the state, with whom Christie would connect on a cultural level. That leads me to believe that Christie would help Team Romney in Eastern Pennsylvania as well, which Romney will need if he is going to win the Keystone State, given that Gov. Romney is not a natural fit for the swing voters in the western part of the state. It should be noted that if Romney wins Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida, the president could win the Southwestern trio of Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico, as well as the Commonwealth of Virginia, and still lose the election to Romney, provided that Mitt wins the McCain states, plus Indiana and North Carolina.

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