Legendary Breeder Reeferman Sighting

The legendary Canadian breeder Reeferman, whose strains were slowly disappearing from the seedbanks over the last few years, has reappeared at a new seedbank, http://medicinalmarijuanaseedssales.co.uk/ As always, this is FYI and not a review, I merely point out that this seedbank is there.  Since I have not done business with this seedbank I can’t give any advice.  Perhaps a few adventurous readers will try them and report back.  Most of the seeds offered are for $100 US or $150 US for a pack of seeds, but the packs are 20 seeds for regular and 10 seeds for femmed so the prices are not too high.

Reeferman has long been controversial, mostly because of a mispent racist youth, but he has long since professed a change in attitude and I myself believe that people can change, so it is at least possible the Reeferman has.  There is also some controversy over the quality of the seeds released over the last few years, but it is unclear what the problem was.  The seed business is pretty rough and tumble, in case you haven’t noticed.  Lots of competitiveness and trashing of competitors offerings.

Anyway Reeferman has in the past offered some genetics that are almost unobtainalbe elsewhere, especially some of the rarer sativa landraces like Panama Red.

If someone tries this seedbank please come back here and leave a comment.


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