Internally Displaced Persons – Economic Refugees – Need Compassion – Eureka California

We are beginning to see here in this little town a phenomenon of internal refugees the like of which has not been seen in America since the 1930s.  We have a group of displaced persons who are in place in front of our county courthouse here in Humboldt County, on 5th st. in Eureka.   Sometimes there are up to two dozen, sometimes as few as four or five.  They must move off the courthouse grounds after 9:30 pm, due to the Nazi- style “Urgency Ordinance” passed by the fascist majority on our board of supervisors.

Although there are some older chronic alcoholics mixed in due to the proximity of the only liquor store in downtown Eureka, most of these people are quite obviously recently “homeless” or “houseless.”  They are a younger crowd than the chronic houseless group camped in the greenbelts (whom the Eureka Police have terrorized for years) and many of them are quite obviously traumatized.  You can talk to them for a few moments or just see it in their eyes.  These people need our help, the government has completely failed them!

Please take them a little food, a little tobacco, some water and maybe a little coffee.

They are in front of the courthouse because it is the only place they feel safe.  It is a human desire to be safe that we all share.

All of us.

We need seven churches, temples, synogogues, mosques, or secular organizations to step up and pledge to feed these people a nutritious meal one day each at the courthouse.

We have the power to heal our community. 

have a peaceful day,



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