This June Marks 100 Years of Minimum Wage Laws in the United States

via the Daily Sentinel:–100-years-later


“The first minimum wage law in the United States was established on June 4,  1912 in Massachusetts. More than a dozen states would follow over the subsequent  10 years, and by 1933 the new U.S. Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins, wrote an  essay to make the case for a federal minimum wage.

Reading Perkins’ essay today reminds us of the potential that minimum wage  laws hold for shaping a fair and productive economy.

At the time of her writing, the nation was in the midst of the Great  Depression, and Perkins feared the destructive potential of the growing number  of “fly-by-night” sweatshop operators attempting to gain an unfair advantage  over their competitors by selling cheaper products made possible by rock-bottom  labor costs.”


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