Beer Bottle Cloning

I don’t know how well this works, but it is interesting here’s an excerpt and a link to the post on Rollitup:

If anyone tries this I would appreciate a comment here at HighBoldtage…..

Beer Bottle Cloning for N00bs

“So you want to clone your nice plant do you? And maybe you’ve been running around the forum, looking up rooting hormone posts, and if it’s necessary or not to have rooting hormone? And then you went onto wondering which medium would be the best, peat pucks, rock wool maybe?
How about instead you rinse out that old 24 of beer bottles you have sitting around the house, and get to work cloning that plant right now? Huh sketchy? Can you calm down for a minute and do that for me? Good!”

proceed to the link above for the rest of the method.


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