URGENT, RENT TIME: Please Donate What You Can to PARC

Donation information at the bottom!  Please forward this on…

Peoples’ Action for Rights andCommunity (PARC) is not a huge space, but it’s a safe space and facilitatesmany essential community functions, taking on needs that are often ignored.  PARC is open 7 days a week and is one of the only places where peoplecan meet, organize, and access various resources at no charge. We need your support.

Entirely through donations and volunteers, PARC is open every day of the year (with a few exceptions). PARC has/shares a community kitchen; clean towels and free toiletries; working computers with internet, printer, fax, and copy machine; nutritious food; toilet paper; clothes, shoes, and blankets (always need more); dumpster diving drop-off (food); a fully stringed guitar (once again!); bicycle loans; emergency tent space; lots of important reading material and book lending library; mailing address (for receiving packages, help to get a job, living space, letters, etc.); community posting spaces; tea and some herbal remedies; and coffee for those who drink it. Plus, it’s a dog friendly zone.  Some of these things might not seem like a big deal, but to people with few resources, they make a big difference.  And if politically active, it’s also a place for convergence, resources, media, legal, and outreach work, and sometimes, resting.

PARC is open for workshops, film screenings, organizing meetings, office work, and respite from the police state in the streets and forest.

People of all walks of life encounter each other here- and that is a powerful step toward a more caring, egalitarian, and just culture.  We learn from each other, passively and directly.  PARC encourages autonomous solutions- taking care of things without and in spite of the dishonest and violent state.

Every day, PARC volunteers assist people who’ve had theirrights violated.  We also help people with their defense in court, filing paperwork, tenant rights issues, documenting their situations, and other such overwhelming stuff. We also work on connecting people and connecting withpeople to imagine and create a healthy and supportive world.  At the same time, we’re working to shut down oppressive structures.

Everything at PARC isdonation and volunteer based.  No one is charged (or gets paid) for assistance,space, food, literature or other resources.

As I write this email, there are two big pots of beans going in the PARC kitchen,one for Occupy Eureka, the other for PARC visitors.  A young street artist (really good art, if you’re interested) is resting outside in the yard- free from police and otherharassment. A couple of folks are checking their emails on the internet.  A friend came by and played beautiful music with the community guitar and her healing voice.  Various people stopping by or calling: for clothes, for food, to bring garden veggies, happy chickens’ eggs, dried fruit for hungry people, to talk about how to keep WalMart out, to ask about the highway expansion through Richardson Grove, to use the phone, to get water for Occupy Eureka…

We spoke this morning with Hans, who’s in jail, and helped coordinate visits for him this past week.  The Jail Support line is currently answered at the PARC office. Hans is supposed to get out Wednesday night (fingers crossed).  He was arrested during a night of EPD harassment at Occupy Eureka.


Etta, the sweet PARC dog, rescued two and a half years ago with her buddy Milo, has just been diagnosed with diabetes.  So, we are monitoring her and looking at lots of bills and care costs…  Etta’ s human friends have been helping out alot.  Etta has more life and playing and loving to do yet!  We’re really working and praying for her to feel better.  Here are two photos of Etta!: https://www.box.com/s/f1b3a305c070fd5311ff

PARC’s book lending library is growing and, most importantly, is accessible to anyone who comes through the door.  Books are on loan all of the time.

A lawsuit brought by PEOPLE PROJECT 2007 encampment participants (including Verbena and Hans) challenges the laws and practices by the City of Arcata and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s that criminalize houseless people for sleeping or sitting in public places.  The lawsuit also challenges the police practice of stealing and/or confiscating houseless peoples’ survival gear and points out the discriminatory permit law, criminalizing free speech for poorer people. Now represented by lawyers in San Francisco, Plaintiffs originally wrote the lawsuit and continue to meet about it at the PARC office.

Prompted by “illegal camping raids,” by the Humboldt Sheriff’s beginning in May 2008, Redway resident Kevin McGrath has been working with PARC for four years on getting records from the County regarding the Humboldt Sheriff’s Department’s practices, guidelines and actions in relation to homeless and/or transientpeople, people sleeping or camping outside, and/or people sitting onpublic sidewalks.  Now in the appellate court in San Fran, litigation has been going on since June of 2011. The County’s been stonewalling the whole time.


Once a month, we must pay rent, PG&E (No Smart Meters!), and long distance and jail support phone lines. Please help out any way you can!  Please pass this message on to others who also might see theimportance of the space and work that is done at PARC. No otherplace like it!  Come by and check it out. *

TO DONATE: Give PARC a call if you want to dropmoney off:  (707)442-7465 or Use the paypalaccount at the PARC page:  http://parc.2truth.com/


Or mail a donation to: PARC P.O. Box 5692 Eureka,CA  95502

Call for the name to put on a money order orcheck.

THANK YOU, the rebels, cooks, activists, musicians, streetfolks, grassroots groups, survivors, care-givers, artists, organizers, doggies, visitors, volunteers,movement archivists, writers, bicycle enthusiasts, neighbors,anarchists, defendants, videographers, anti-imperialists, students, counselors,copwatchers, and dishwashers of PARC

*PARC is in Eureka, near the Library:  from the library,go down 3rd Street, turn left onto Q St, take a right into the Q St. alley between  3rdand 2nd, see PARC signs

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.” Tuli Kupferberg


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